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02 Aug 2014

Disability insurance Lawyer is a system that is designed to protect workers against an accident that can render them disabled. Everyone in the work​ ​force​ ​risks the possibility of suffering from a psychological or physical injury. This can create a compromising position for the employer and employee. With disability insurance, the employee or policyholder has a safeguard in which a fixed amount of money is available if deemed disabled in any form.

Disability insurance Lawyer

Unfortunately, claiming and using disability benefits is not that easy. The process, which should be simple, is often complex and confusing, which causes more pain than relief. Along with the pressure from the employer, the insurance company that set up the contract can find loopholes that keep the disabled from claiming their insurance disability money. More and more workers each year become disabled and never get their disability claims fulfilled. A lot of employees also end up losing their disability insurance throughout the claims process. This is why Quadrino Schwartz started helping disabled individuals in the first place. Quadrino Schwartz is the premier disability insurance law firm and has been committed to helping resolve disability claims professionally since 1996.

This firm can be found online at Schwartz was formed in 1996 to produce a standard of excellence in the field of disability insurance malpractice. Their ultimate goal is to help individuals deal with issues ranging from getting disability claims approved all the way to going through the litigation process if necessary. The company is made up of dedicated professionals, paralegals, and experienced attorneys that create a dynamic environment to help clients win multi million dollar cases.

Offering initial evaluations, the firm deals with all Long term Disability insurance Attorney  and has successfully defended CEO’s, doctors, cardiologists and even lawyers. They are capable of working with other law firms in all major cities and states, and have helped people select the right lawyer to defend their case. With a qualified attorney, the chances of success for any claim increases immensely, and Evan Schwartz, the founding partner, has establish Disability Insurance as the premiere firm to hire lawyers for every kind of disability claim there is.

If you or a loved one has suffered from a disability and feel that they are not getting what they deserve, contact Quadrino Schwartz and receive a free evaluation. The difference between relaxing with the disability insurance you deserve and spending money fighting is as simple as choosing the best disability firm to represent you. Evan Schwartz will help you not only in claiming your insurance, but getting the right amount despite any litigation from the insurance company.


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